Group Health vs Personal Health insurance

Some of the advantages of Group Health insurance (GHI) are:

  • Part of employee benefit & so comes at no cost for employee
  • No medical check-up required.
  • Any pre-existing disease, you get coverage from Day 1
  • No waiting period

Besides all these benefits you need to answer these 5 questions to understand the need of Personal Health insurance.

  1. Is your GHI going to cover you, your spouse & children as well as parents?
  2. Your Sum Insured (SI) in GHI is based on your designation & salary & normally will be on floater basis between your family members. Is this adequate considering today’s hospitalization cost & your life style?
  3. At times insurance company can impose co-pay because of high loss ratios or to reduce the premium. Do you know whether your GHI has any co-pay?
  4. Is there is any room rent or room category capping in your GHI? Room rent limit = Doctor visit charges + Nursing charges + Room Rent and at times limit is 1% or 2% of the SI. Room entitlement might be only for Standard Single Private AC Room & if you stay in any higher category then claim amount can be reduced.
  5. Your GHI ceases when you retire or leave the organization. Will you get proper coverage when you start hunting for your personal insurance post retirement?

Hence it is important that you invest in your Personal Health insurance with adequate SI matching your current standard of living. Super Top Up is quite economical & there is a option to convert this to base policy without deductible at your retirement age. Starting your personal health insurance at early age when there is no medical check up requirement can be beneficial.

Stay insured. Stay safe.

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